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Weelchair users welcome


Weelchair users are very welcome in our B&B! We have a special wider parkingspace and an access to the front door of our B&B without doorstep.

We have two rooms on the ground floor which can be accessed without steps or stairs. One of these rooms is equipped with a special shower and washbasin. Also the furniture is adapted for use by weelchair users. We have tried to make these adaptations without sacrificing the cosyness and we feel that we have succeeded.

We have been screened by Toerisme Vlaanderen en we have received an A label. We are proud of this.

The A label means that Toerisme Vlaanderen considers the building as basically accessable. This suffices for most people with limited mobility, but an extra effort or some help may be necessary.

A complete explanation of all adaptations in our B&B can be found on the website of Toegankelijk Vlaanderen.

When arriving by car you can use the larger parkingspace. When arriving by public transportation you can choose between the train, the bus or the waterbus on the river Schelde. This waterbus is also completely adapted for use by weelchair users and is the ideal means to make a trip to Antwerp. You can also  visit the nature reserve in the vicinity, and maybe see a fox or a roe, by putting the weelchair on the whispertrain. Next to our B&B you find the gardens of the Wissenkerke castle. You can also visit the castle, it is accessible by weelchair.

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